Basic Website Package Examples

http://www.SaneCrazy.com is a site built with the Basic Site Package.

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http://www.AltmannPorter.com is a Basic Site Package that used multiple Add-Ons including the Flash Image Slideshow, the Logo, 10 500 word pages of SEO’d content and monthly SEO.

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http://www.KitchensOfLosAltos.com was a Basic Site Package built for a high end kitchen designer near San Francisco, CA. She wanted an elegant site that had great SEO built into it, so we built a site that used a lot of search engine optimized content and still showed her design sensibilities.

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http://www.ElGatoPainting.com is a Basic Package website built with 10 pages of search engine optimized content and our monthly SEO package Add-On. This website is now one of the top ranking websites in its area and generates many leads each month for the owner.

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http://www.NWMortgageExperts.com was built to help loan officer Nick reach out to a larger customer base. The site is built with no CMS (content management system) backend so when Nick wishes to make changes to this site, he has to send us an email request and we make the changes for him. The Basic Site package has the advantage of saving money upfront, however if you have frequent updates you will pay more over the long run since a web designer will have to make the changes for you.

http://DianaMStyle.com is a basic package website.

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